Basic TRIZ Practitioner Training - 3-day Workshop

In conjunction with CoCatalyst we are pleased to be able to offer TRIZ Practitioner training to help you improve your creativity and innovation in technical problem solving.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at individuals who are seeking to become TRIZ practitioners and apply the TRIZ method to develop innovative solutions to technical problems.

What you will learn:

  • How to correctly define problems in terms of contradictions, rather than seeking compromise solutions
  • 40 inventive principles for problem solving and invention
  • Newly updated contradiction matrix (based on recent patent research)
  • How technical systems evolve over time following a predictable path
  • How to use “trimming” to reduce cost without compromising function
  • To recognise free “resources” in the “zone of conflict”
  • An introduction to Level 2 topics such as Standard Solutions and the algorithm for inventive problem solving (ARIZ)
Download a full course outline here Basic TRIZ Training