Training Services

We have over 20 years training experience in Continuous Improvement methodologies across a wide range of industries including FMCG, medical devices, pharmaceutical, automotive and recently the fast expanding Wind Turbine industry.

Project Based

Where appropriate our training is project based. This aids the transition from the training environment into the workplace, ensuring that theory becomes practice. Careful selection of projects will result in a quick payback from the training; often many times the initial investment. We believe that if you are struggling to get time to work on the project, then it is the wrong project! A bit simplistic perhaps, but usually true.

In-house courses

Most of our training is carried out as an in-house company course. This offers a number of potential benefits:
  • Course can be customised to your specific requirements
  • More cost effective for 4 or more delegates
  • Company confidential project work can be included

Help Line

All of our training is backed up by our free help line (telephone or email). Our clients tell us that this is a very useful and important service, helping them to effectively apply their learning, long after the training course has finished.

Training Matrix

Use our training matrix to help identify the right training for you......

Training Matrix