Six Sigma Green Belt Training

This intensive 12-day programme, spread over three or four modules, is focussed on developing Six Sigma practitioners. Integrating the training with company improvement projects brings both immediate benefits to the business and valuable application experience for the Green Belts. This training is currently being run as an in-house option for our client companies.
  • Define:

    Define the business opportunity and focus of the project.
    Six Sigma Tools: DMAIC Roadmap, Foundational Statistics, SIPOC, Voice of the customer, Introduction to Minitab software, ANOVA
  • Measure:

    Measure the current process output, y, and identify improvement approach.
    Six Sigma Tools: Drill Down, Measurement Systems Analysis, Process Stability (IMR & Xbar/R charts), Process Capability (Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk)
  • Analyse:

    Analyse the process inputs to identify the key 'x'.
    Six Sigma Tools: Fault Tree Analysis, Multi-vari Analysis, Regression Analysis (Linear & Polynomial), Design of Experiments (Full and fractional factorial
  • Improve:

    Improve the process by focussing on the key 'x'.
    Six Sigma Tools: Improve Phase Strategies, Hypothesis Testing, Mistake Proofing, Robust Tolerance Analysis (Vartran Software)
  • Control:

    Control the key 'x' to maintain the improvement.
    Six Sigma Tools: Process FMEA, Control Plans
Download a full course outline here...... Six Sigma Green Belt Training