Achieving Innovative, Robust and Desirable Products

The Product Development Process, PDP, is critical to ensuring that a company achieves and maintains a competitive and successful market position. The PDP needs to address many apparent contradictions: minimise cost while maximising quality; maximize function but be simple to use; be innovative but low risk; be reliable and robust but minimize development time......
The Six Sigma methodology offers a wide range of statistical and structured tools that can be integrated into the PDP to increase its effectiveness in addressing these contradictions - this is commonly referred to as "Design for Six Sigma".

Design for Six Sigma, DfSS Training

We are pleased to be able to offer a full range of Design for Six Sigma training from simple awareness to expert practitioner. This training is aimed at designers and managers working in product or technology development. It is not just a "delta" course for experienced six sigma practitioners - no prior six sigma knowledge is required to get the most from this training.

DfSS Yellow Belt - Awareness level training

This interactive 2-day workshop gives an invaluable introduction to Design for Six Sigma and what benefits it might offer your product or technology development process.

DfSS Green Belt- Practitioner training

This intensive 12-day programme, spread over four modules, is focussed on developing DfSS practitioners. Integrating the training with company design projects brings both immediate benefits to the business and valuable application experience for the Green Belts.

DfSS/Six Sigma Black Belt

This Black Belt conversion course is designed for Operational (manufacturing) and Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) Green Belts who are looking to extend their Six Sigma knowledge and to act as mentors for Green or Yellow Belts working in either a design or manufacturing role. The training programme consists of two modules of 4-days separated by a month. Delegates are encouraged to come to the training with high priority company projects that will provide an opportunity to apply the learning and go towards meeting certification requirements.