Six Sigma - What is it all about?

Perhaps you are considering if Six Sigma is right for your business or maybe you just want to understand what it is all about - then probably all you are looking for is a clear overview of what Six Sigma is all about, what it can deliver (and what it cannot!).

Who should attend

This course is aimed at managers and senior managers who are starting or considering starting a Six Sigma programme in their business. Particular benefit can be achieved by the whole management team attending together (although we recognise that this can be very hard to achieve). We are also happy to offer a one-on-one service, perhaps for a senior executive who is keen to ensure that they are fully aware of the methods.

Course content

Depending upon your objectives, we can tailor an overview ranging from just a couple of hours through to a full day. Typical subjects covered in the overview would include:
  • Six Sigma metric
  • Key Success Factors
  • DMAIC Improvement Process
  • The Six Sigma "belts"
  • Overview of Six Sigma tools
  • Company Implementation
  • Project Selection & Sponsorship
Why not contact us today and discuss the options with one of our consultants?