Quality Improvement Training

We can provide training in a wide range of quality improvement methodologies, either as a stand-alone module or as part of an integrated programme. All of the training can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and where appropriate can be focussed around company applications.

Design of Experiments, DOE

Despite experimentation being a key part of product or technology develolpment, engineers and technologists are still not properly equipped with tools to run experiments efficiently; instead relying on the "one factor at a time" method.

Robust Design using Taguchi Methods

Robustness is a much desired attribute for products and processes. Taguchi's approach to Robust Design provides a practical and cost effective way to achieve this.

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, FMEA

Prevention is better than cure - FMEA is perhaps the most commonly applied (although not always the most successful!) approach to risk assessment and mitigation. It can be applied to both design (DFMEA) and process (PFMEA).

Customer focus using Quality Function Deployment, QFD

Customer requirements should be a foundation of any product/service development. QFD provides a structured method for tracking these requirements through the product development process.

8D Problem Solving

Taking a structured approach to problem solving can ensure that the root cause is correctly identified and recurrence is prevented. The team based, 8D approach to problem solving is widely recognised in industry.

Training solutions

We have extensive experience in quality improvement and have a range of services to support your company implementation:
  • Alignment to your business priorities
  • Professional trainers to deliver your in-house material
  • Development of company specific training materials
  • Mentoring for your in-house facilitators
  • Project selection and facilitation
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