DfSS Green Belt Training

This intensive 12-day programme, spread over four modules, is focussed on developing DfSS practitioners. Integrating the training with company design projects brings both immediate benefits to the business and valuable application experience for the Green Belts. This training is currently being run as an in-house option for our client companies.
  • Identify:

    Identify Customer Requirements and develop the Requirements Specification.
    DfSS tools: IDOV Roadmap,Voice of the customer, Functional Analysis, Quality Function Deployment, Foundational Statistics and Mintab Software
  • Design:

    Select the best Design concept to meet the Requirements Specification.
    DfSS tools: Creative thinking and brainstorming, TRIZ inventive problem solving, Concept Selection, Design FMEA, Fault Tree Analysis, Analysis of Variance, Regression Analysis
  • Optimise:

    Optimise the Design concept to make it simple, reliable, robust, low cost and Six Sigma capable.
    DfSS tools: Design of Experiments, Robust Design, Robust Tolerance Analysis, Mistake Proofing, Design for Manufacture and Assembly, Reliability Engineering
  • Verify:

    Verify that the Optimised Design meets the Requirements Specification to the Six Sigma quality level.
    DfSS tools: Measurement Systems Analysis, Process Stability and Capability, Control Plans, Reliability Testing

2018 - Open Course (dates to be announced)

We are very pleased to announce that this very successful Green Belt programme is now available as an open course. The course venue will be our Stoneleigh Mews Office set in the beautiful Stoneleigh Abbey grounds in Warwickshire and is conveniently located for road, rail and air transport links.
Download a full course brochure here...... DfSS Green Belt Training