Design of Experiments

"Whatever you do, only change one thing at a time...."
Most of us can remember somewhere in our early career being given this very practical advice. It does sound very sensible, but unfortunately this is a risky and inefficient way to carry out experimentation - it makes no allowance for interactions and is very susceptible to experimental error, yet still today most of us use the "one-factor-at-a-time" approach.

Statistical Approach

Instead we should be using a structured and statistical approach called Design of Experiments (DOE). These methods will ensure that the conclusions we reach are statistically valid and that we achieve this in the most efficient way. We offer a wide range DOE of methods including:
  • Full Factorial Designs
  • Fractional Factorial Designs
  • Response Surface Methodology
  • Robust Design using Taguchi Methods
  • Optimal Designs and Augmentation
  • Mixture Designs

Design of Experiments - Practitioner training

Our three day Design of Experiments practitioner course combines the best approaches, including both classical DOE and Taguchi Methods, to produce a practical and powerful toolkit for effective experimentation. The design and analysis is made easy through the use of Minitab software throughout the training. As each new concept is introduced, the learning is reinforced through practical workshops. All delegates on the training are provided with a full set of training notes (not just a copy of overheads that some training courses offer). At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:
  • Develop a linear or polynomial regression model of y=f(x) for a single x
  • Test the model for statistical significance and determine how well it fits the data
  • Use the model to make predictions of y (with confidence intervals) for given values of x
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of “one-factor-at-a-time”, fractional and full factorial experimentation
  • Design, run and analyse full factorial experiments (using Minitab software)
  • Design, run and analyse fractional factorial experiments (using Minitab software)
  • Carry out a Screening Experiment to identify the important factors
  • Carry out a Response Surface Methodology experiment to build a statistical model
  • Understand the concepts of Robust Design using Taguchi Methods™
Download a full course brochure here...... Design of Experiments Practitioner Training

DOE training and facilitation

We have extensive experience in Design of Experiments and have a range of services to support your company implementation:
  • Practitioner training workshops
  • Professional trainers to deliver your in-house material
  • Development of company specific training materials
  • Assistance in design and analysis of experiments
  • Utilising Minitab software for DOE
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