Structured Problem Solving (8D)

Did you do today what you planned to do? In many cases the answer is: "no, unfortunately something urgent came up". In many organisations too much valuable resource is used solving and re-solving problems. By definition they are always urgent and require an immediate response. The application of a structured and systematic method for permanently solving problems should be part of every company's tool kit.

Key Success Factors

Structured problem solving can help by:
  • Correct problem definition
  • Identification of the "root" cause
  • Implementation of permanent solutions
  • Improved team working
  • Improved communication
  • Decisions based on data not opinions

Training and facilitation

We have extensive experience in Problem Solving and have a range of services to support your company implementation:
  • Practitioner training workshops
  • Alignment to your business priorities
  • Professional trainers to deliver your in-house material
  • Development of company specific training materials
  • Development of company Problem Solving facilitators
  • Project selection and facilitation
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Download a full course outline here...... Structured problem solving workshop