Customer Focus using QFD (Quality Function Deployment)

Customer Focus is recognised as a key business success factor and this is often reflected in corporate mission statements such as "the customer is king" and "we will exceed customer expectations". But are these just worthy words, or is the business actively working to deliver this mission? One practical and effective approach that has been adopted by many organisations to achieve customer focus in their products and services is Quality Function Deployment (QFD).

What's in a name?

QFD has often been called a "bad name for a good methodology" and is widely recognised as a powerful way to systematically carry the “Voice of the Customer” throughout your organisation. Achieving customer focus in product, process or service development helps to minimise design changes, increase customer satisfaction and can reduce development cycle time.

QFD training and facilitation

We have extensive experience in QFD having trained and facilitated many successful product and service design teams. We can utilise that experience to offer you a range of services to support your Customer Focus initiative:
  • Practitioner training workshops in VOC (Voice of Customer) and QFD
  • Alignment of QFD to your business priorities
  • Professional trainers to deliver your in-house material
  • Development of company specific training materials
  • Mentoring for Project leaders and QFD facilitators
  • Project selection and facilitation
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Download a full course outline here...... Quality Function Deployment course outline